Open your apartment remotely with a code

no WiFi needed |

no external power 
supply needed |

no monthly fees |


Time codes

Generate access codes valid from 1 hour to 365 days.


If the additional corridor door leads to your apartments, you can secure them by our multi-lock. The guest will be able to use the same code for the corridor door and his apartment.

Master codes

You can program your master codes that will open the lock all the time. The same programmed code can open all locks located in the property.


Lock has an NFC technology but you don't need an additional NFC card programmer. Each lock can program and read access codes on the key fog / cards.

Deactivate your code

You can deactivate the time code if the guest resigns.


Automate your business. Connect PMS and Channel Manager to automate the process and go even further!


RentingLock is a smart door lock which enables you to give an access to your property remotely from anywhere in the world. The encrypted algorithm embedded in the lock doesn’t require Internet connection.


You don't need WiFi connection. You can manage your property’s access remotely from anywhere in the world.

only 4 batteries

No electricity needed. Lock works up to two years or 12000 entries on 4x AA batteries which you can easily replace.

emergency opening

Under the door handle is hidden the locking cylinder. Thanks to that you can always open the door with key.

easy lock installation

Easy installation takes up to 30 minutes.


Get the access code in a few seconds

All you need to do is choose the lock, then the check-in and check-out of the guest. The system will immediately show the code that will open the door. Codes may overlap.

Send codes by e-mail

Send the code to your guest by e-mail. You can set the message content in several languages. We can send an email for you a few hours before the guest arrives.


RentingLock V6

$ 300 net + vat
  • Free access to the lock management system and generate codes with no limits
  • API documentation


1. The guest rents your apartment.

2. PMS sends a query to RentingLock system automatically. An access code opens the door during the booking. After this time, the code expires.

3. The code is sent to your guest via e-mail or text message automtically (it depent on the PMS settings).

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