Renting out your property? Our smart lock will give you more time, money and comfort.

RentingLock is a smart door lock which enables you to grant access to your property remotely from anywhere in the world. Your tenants can enter the apartment by using a numeric code. No key exchanges. No waiting & late night check-ins. No stress.


Rentinglock is revolutionizing short-term property renting

We bring relief to property owners, hostels and companies managing investment properties.

Tenants constantly late for key exchanges? Having to hand over keys to a few apartments at the same time? Owning an investment property in a different city or country?

We know the struggle and have therefore come with a solution. We can help you make the renting process convenient, efficient and increase the profitability of your investment.

The self check-in technology is here

How it’s done?


Step one: Guest books your apartment

No matter if it's by a PMS, booking system (eg. Airbnb, or by phone or email.

Step two: generate access code

Use dedicated control panel to generate time-sensitive code for your guests. Just choose the check-in & check-out dates. Click generate, then send it by email or phone!

Step three: your tenants can enter

Now your guests can access the apartment anytime within the time period you provided in step two. That means you are personally no longer needed for key handovers and there is no risk of key loosing. What a game changer for you & your customers!
Making property rental easy

One lock, many features

Remote control
Generate temporary access codes to your apartments through a key generator’s simple dashboard.

Better experiences
Forget about time and energy consuming key exchanges. Don’t let guests wait for keys nor you wait for them!

Increase safety of your property and of your guests. Eliminate risk of key duplication or stealing.

Connect to your PMS and Channel Manager to automate the process and go even further!

Easy to use control panel

When purchasing a RentingLock, you will receive an online control panel. It allows you to activate and manage locks, generate codes.

Property management can be easier

No special maintenance required

No electricity needed
Lock works up to two years or 20000 entries on 4x AA batteries which you can easily replace.
Emergency opening
The handle has a hidden lock which can be opened by a traditional key in case of an emergency.


No WiFi needed
The encrypted algorithm embedded in the lock doesn’t require internet connection.

NFC Cards
The lock can both code and read magnetic access cards as an alternative to codes.

Already works all over the world

Pricing guide

RentingLock v5PROMO, STANDARD PRICE 369$

$ 339

lock + vat if applied
  • Installation kit
  • Instruction & warranty
  •  Emergency keys
  •  NFC card
  • Online control panel
  • Interior version (outdoor coming soon)


Are there any additional costs?

No. There are no monthly fees for using the lock and generating codes for your guests.

Would you like to automate the process? Use our dedicated software (or integrate with the one you are already using) to send text messages & emails and connect with booking websites. Plans start from 9$ a month per apartment. More soon


The more you buy the more you save. Contact us to get a discount.


We use international UPS as a standard shipping method.
The cost varies depending on your location.

International distribution

We are looking for partners and resellers worldwide. Feel free to contact us.

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