Renting with Airbnb – 5 tips for new hosts

So you want to start renting with Airbnb? They say that it’s easy, safe and you can make easy money with it, but you have your doubts. Don’t worry. It’s normal for newcomers, even if they were Airbnb guests before. Check out our 5 tips and learn what you need to know before renting with Airbnb.

Before we start, remember one thing. Everything you do, will come back to you. Happiness of tenants is your priority. Make them happy and you’ll be earning money in no time. What else you need to do to be perfect Airbnb host?

1. Be honest

Honesty works. Airbnb is a place where you can rent entire apartment or just one room. If you’re going to rent your bedroom and be at the same time in flat with your tenant, don’t hide it. People don’t want to be surprised. When renting with Airbnb, less surprises gives more happy tenants. So show them who you are, what you look like and wrote something about yourself. It’s that simple!

Honesty is the best policy.

2. Pimp your space

Take a look at your apartment or room. A good look. How do you think a person will feel in it? Maybe you can do something to make it better? Sometimes less is more. If there are too many useless things, maybe it’s better to get rid of them? On the other hand, it can be too modest and couple pictures on the walls will make difference. Remember. It’s all about comfort. Walls should look fresh and clean and it’s better to get rid of things that can offend religious feelings.

People buy with ther eyes so…

3. Take good photos

People buy with their eyes. Probably it will never change. Even the best place on Airbnb will not be popular without good looking photos. It’s the only way to show your apartment properly. So take couple photos from different perspective. Show the best and arrange place. Renting with Airbnb is like managing hotels. How they do it? Flowers, some fruits in the bowl, fresh bread will do the job. Don’t know how? You can use Airbnb photographer for free!

4. Be competitive

You are competing against more experienced hosts. Remember that but don’t let it scare you. By the time, you will gain experience and renting with Airbnb will be easier. Learn from them. Check their offers and prices. Your priority at the start is to gain as many guests and reviews as possible. Can you be better or shine among competition? What can you do to achieve it?

5. Make difference

Devil is in the details. If you can make someone’s stay little bit easier and stress free, do it! Free map with best bar, coffe and hairdresser marked on it, phone that you don’t use for loan or warm welcome can make a huge impact.

Renting with Airbnb – Differentiate or die!

Renting with Airbnb is easy but don’t let yourself delude. Stay focus. The more you do to make guests happy, the more you’ll gain.

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