6 tips to make your rental properties more comfortable

What is the best phrase you can say to your tenant on welcome? Maybe “Welcome Home”? Talking is cheap. Can you really make him feel at home while staying at your rental properties? Maybe it’s impossible to do, but you can try to make him more comfortable. Here’s couple of tips for the start.

1. Paint the walls

Clean walls in your rental properties is a must have. Don’t just add a fresh coat. Think about colors, but remember – it’s not about making all colorful. Choose between making interiors warm and assuring they look clear. Sometimes the best choice is to paint them white so everyone could feel good, but it depends on furnishings. Choose the color that will also fit with them.

2. Take your belongings

If you can, take away all of your personal stuff. Not only things that can abuse your visitors or make them uncomfortable (religious symbols), but everything that is personal. They will feel like home only if they will not see belongings owned by someone else. Making rental properties comfortable is making them look like they don’t belong to anyone.

3. Get area rugs

People buy with their eyes. Area rugs create space in open floor plans of your rental properties and are an easy way to add pattern and color. If you paint your walls white, interiors can feel sterile. Area rugs are a good way to change it and they are easier to clean than carpets.

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.CHARLES R. SWINDOLL

4. Pay attention to lignting

Your guests should be able to choose option of reducing the amount of light sources or dimming them. You can try dimmer switches or just make sure you have enough of sources to make rooms brighter or darker. Tenants may want to have reduced light for romantic dinner or movie but sometimes they also want enough light for reading. Renting properties has to be elastic.

5. Take care of mattresses and pillows

Choose good-quality, fairly firm mattress. It will perform better over the years. If you think more people like to sleep on soft bed, buy feather bed topper. Invest in mattress cover so it could be useful longer. Good sleep of your guest is your priority. Buy couple of different pillows so they can choose between expected size and hardness.

6. Provide basic supplies

Which are basic? If you can provide cleaning supplies, hand towels, plastic wrap and stock your refrigerator and pantry with staples like, pepper, salt, sugar, oil, ketchup, mustard it should be enough to make your rental properties more comfortable. Be sure to check dates on things frequently so they’re not bad when guests arrive! Also, check out your kitchen and make sure you have enough pans, pots and cutlery.

What else can I do with my rental properties?

Renting is all about standing out of the crowd. Do everything that will help to achieve it. Make your rental properties as comfortable, as possible. And don’t forget to take good pictures too!

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