Airbnb renting – do you know what your tenants want?

The way people travel has changed in the last decade. Boundaries are fading. Not just because the technology. It’s because the travelers don’t want to be tourists anymore. They want to feel like home and see places from the inside. Airbnb renting isn’t just a business. It’s the answer to their needs. Do you know what your tenants want? You may ask – why should I? It’s simple. To make them happy, save your time and make more money on renting.

They want to feel comfortable

Just because they chose airbnb renting instead of hotel, doesn’t mean they don’t want feel comfortable and stay in clean apartment. In fact they want something similar to hotel standards, while paying less for it. Weird? Not necessarily. Make sure your renting property is comfortable and clean. If you are not sure what needs to be done, you can check our posts about hospitalityCleaning? Just hire a good cleaning lady or make it yourself.

They want guidance

Even in the modern technology world, people needs guidance and they expect you’ll give it to them. Why? Because you are the owner and you know the place and city well. Leave them notes about the apartment, best restaurants, best taxi company and town communication. They will be also happy if you leave them a map with places marked on it.

They want to feel secure

What does it mean? Sure you can not control everything, especially the neighborhood and the city. But you can make sure everything in apartment works well. Check doors, locks and windows. It all matters.

They want fast Internet

What a fresh tenant do after check-in? I presume eight out of ten will make picture and share it on Instagram or Facebook. It could be impossible without Internet in apartment. Your job is to provide them internet access. It’s not advantage to have it in your offer. It’s a mandatory.

They want communication with you

Airbnb renting is about dealing with problems. People will remember if you was able to help them and how hard it was to contact you. In Social Media and Google era, they want instant answers. So forget about not answered calls. Instead, be prepared to help and answer questions. It’s part of the job.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.BILL GATES

They want something different

Renting with Airbnb amid strong competition? Think about differentiating from them. Maybe you can make your apartment one of a kind? Thematic apartments will do the job in some places. Big Ben theme in London or movie theme in a place where the action of popular movie has taken place? Be creative! You can also think of something that makes renting more simple. Maybe smart lock or something better? 😉

Why do I need to know it?

Information is money. Use information above to make best offer possible. Airbnb renting is about meeting customer needs. Assure them you know what they want.

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