Happy tenants – why should I care?

Tenants are clients. It’s simple as that, but it’s not the only reason, why you should take care of them. If you have good apartment in good localization, finding clients should be easy. So why should you even care? It’s about your comfort and managing issues. Happy tenants are major part of it.

Happy tenants means fewer problems

If someone is happy, he is more willing to solve problems than actually blame anyone. Renting is easier this way. Instead of fighting, your tenants are cooperating with you. Less stress also means better opinions and recommendations. Renting is about dealing with problems and it’s easier with happy tenants. They won’t wake you up at night with minor issues and maybe they will act like at home.

Happy tenants will stay longer

Long renting means less time spent on management. Your goal is to make them stay as long as possible. Happy tenants will stay longer in your apartment and you will not waste your time to find replacement and move-out inspection. They also will be more willing to show your property to others, before moving out. 

Happy tenants are your best marketing

It’s buyers market. Whether you want it or not. In modern, social media world, people talks and share information about best and worst services. Make sure you are on the right side. Bad reviews can really hurt your business. Happy tenants will recommend you to their friends. It’s the best marketing.

Happy tenants will take care of your apartment

Apartment isn’t your baby, but it’s your product. Reasonable wear and tear is acceptable but you want avoid situation, when your property needs repairs or complete redo after last renting. You can’t predict everything, but happy tenants are generally more engaged in taking care of your apartment.

The relationship between a client must be ‘we.’BILLY BALDWIN

Happy tenants will pay on time

Probably 🙂 This is not always true, but angry tenants will always look for the reasons to not pay or not pay on time. Probability of collecting money on time rises with happy tenants.

How can I make tenants happy?

Now you know why, but you still don’t know how. I will write about it next time. Meanwhile, you can read about RentingLock. My own solution to make tenants happy 😉

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