How to take pictures of rental properties?

People buy with their eyes. No matter how good your offer is, if you fail to show it properly. Good photos can be crucial to increase selling and income. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about deceiving. It’s about showing the best side. How to do it? Do you need professional equipment or not? Check out my tips for taking pictures of rental properties. They worked for my four apartments very well.


Professional equipment is mandatory? Not necessarily. If you are a professional photographer, you can take very good photos, and edit them, but what about nautralness? They can’t be too smooth, because it makes people cautious. Good will be enough. You can use SLR Camera, but your smartphone should do the job. New Apple ads shows real pictures taken by real IPhone users. Nowadays, technology in our pockets is enough to take good pictures of rental properties.

My pictures are my eyes. I photograph what I see – and what I want to see.MARIO TESTINO

While taking pictures of rental properties, just remember a couple of things:

  • Light is the key. Get as much as possible and forget about taking pictures at night with the flash lamp. Good photos will be better with better light. Be careful though. Too much light coming out from window can lead to overexpose,
  • Keep your hands still while your camera is focusing and gentle click on the button or screen. The better and faster camera, the less important it is, but it’s the main key of successful mobile photography. If you can’t handle this, use a tripod and self-timer to take good pictures of rental properties.

Equipment matters, but even with the best camera, you can make bad pictures. Remember this two rules, and taking good photos will be no problem.


Pictures will be only as good, as your interior is? Not necessarily. Again. It’s not about deceiving, but showing the best possible side of your apartments. While taking pictures of rental properties remember to:

  • clean everything,
  • hide redundant things,
  • arrange furniture and other objects,
  • remove dishes from the kitchen sink and bench tops,
  • hide or pack all small things (remotes, magazines, books),
  • remove fridge magnets,
  • remove towels or fold them if you prepared them for your tenants.
You should probably get rid of things like these while renting your apartment:)

Taking photos

The last and probably the most important thing is taking photos itself. You must remember to:

  • Keep camera straight,
  • Don’t aim towards strong light (windows),
  • Show interesting things,
  • Make experiments, take more photos than you need, and choose the best from them.

Ready to take great pictures of rental properties?

I hope these couple of tricks will help you taking good photos and increasing income. Maybe you have your own tricks. Don’t hesitate and share them in comments below.

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