5 things you need to know before listing place on Airbnb

You have a spare room or apartment and you want to make money on it. Good! Peer to peer renting is one of the newest trends. Thinking about Airbnb? Perfect! It’s the one of the most popular rental services. You probably had read “How To Start” on their homepage. It provides answers to a lot of questions, but there are some things that only experienced Airbnb hosts know. Check out 5 things you need to know before listing place on Airbnb.

1. Be a host, not a landlord

Airbnb homepage says: „Welcome home”. It’s not a coincidence. It changes the way you should communicate with your guests. Guests, not tenants. In Airbnb renting you’re not landlord. You’re a host and it implicates the way you provide renting. Primarily your guests:

– want to enjoy their stay,
expect different approach than hotels,
– still expect good hospitality and comfort.

What can you do? Be creative and stand out among others Airbnb hosts. Maybe you should leave a bottle of wine for welcome and offer your own bike for city tour? Not to mention the place should be clean. Coffee, tee and dishes are also a mandatory. It’s not expensive and can really make a difference. On Airbnb host market this difference can lead to be or not to be successful Airbnb host.

2. Half measures don’t work

Bathroom isn’t spotless and sheets doesn’t smell like fresh launedred? Your guests will probably notice this. These aren’t negligible details. Airbnb market has standardized. Just like hotels, rooms and apartments are measured with stars. People using Airbnb for traveling are used to certain level of hospitality and they expect you to provide it. You can go the other way, but this leads to bad opinions and…

3. Opinions matter

Airbnb hosts have stars. Just like hotels. The difference is that these stars comes with average of good and bad opinions. Your guest can say nothing but you will end with bad opinions. Fortunately it goes both ways. You can check opinions and choose your guest on this base. The best Airbnb hosts can do it all the time and have plenty to choose from. In the beginning, you can be in situation when you want to rent apartment to whoever contact you. Don’t do it unless you will be fully convinced. Close the deal when have doubts. You will gain from it in a long term.

Always deliver more than expected.LARRY PAGE, GOOGLE

4. Beginnings are hard

Good things come to those, who wait. This simple truth doesn’t mean that you can lay down and wait for the money to come. It means that even when you do everetyhing properly, you still have to be patient. Renting with Airbnb is a process and you can’t be the best without pracice. You will be challenged, you will start to know Airbnb renting from inside and day by day, you will be better. So don’t be discouraged. Begginnings are always hard 😉

5. You need a strategy

Sure, often not everything goes as planned but good strategy can lower the risk of failure. Who and when will clean the room or apartment? Who will you call if something happens with installations? How will you manage key exchange? Do you need a renting schedule? The more things you will automate, the less time you will spend on managing your rentals.

Listing place on Airbnb is only the beginning

Renting is like adventure. First, you know nothing. Then, after more guests, you begin to realize that it’s become simpler and more money stays in your pocket. Remember these couple of things before listing place on Airbnb. It can be a great aid in your journey.

Newcomer or experienced Airbnb host? If you have your own tricks or thoughts, please share it in comments below.

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