Short-Term Rental Revolution

In August 2008, three young men have changed not only short-term rental side, but also real estate – they have invented website Airbnb. Moreover, Airbnb makes the travel possible for the average traveller with the average salary.

In 8 years’ developers around the world have created specific short-term rental flats which has occurred more viable. Many companies have started a kind of a rat race in creating new ideas how to make Airbnb more efficient, e.g.  sending an e-mail with a guide map of interesting places, restaurants or pubs and places to avoid; information about the flat; wifi password, phone number to the nearest pizza parlour or even equipment of the cabinet.

The  example can be the company

Competition for the hotel

Short-term rental has occurred more and more popular that it provides competition for the hotels – not only in case of the price. On the global market one can find companies handle with the room service provided by Airbnb and other booking portals – similar or even better than in a hotel. According to hotel’s standard, it is important to mention about little things and details like printed towels, chocolates on the pillow or small shampoo left for the guest by the booking portal.

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Contractors have come across expectations of the hosts and guests and actually the Internet is fulfilled with the multiple of shops contain apartment’s accessory. As one can see, the service quality in short-term rental, day by day is getting better and more professional. What is interesting, the quality of the apartment can be reviewed on the basis of opinions available on booking portal by its users.

Rates and reviewes

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The quality of one’s flat is important not only on the review, but also due to positioning the offer on the booking portal. All of the information mentioned above have a crucial impact on the rate of one’s room, e.g. on the Airbnb portal. According to the research of independent sources, customers reluctantly estimate the apartment because of the overall high standard at Airbnb – modern design tends to be usual for the guest. But in fact, the customer treats his rented apartment as a pleasant addition, because the general target is to travel, to see interesting places or – in case of business clients – sort the case out immediately. To sum up- the time is the most important factor which booking portal could provide for every single client.

The time


The time plays a crucial role during the trip. The guest main desire is to use the time in the most efficient way – backing the ambience of the different culture, the climate, admire the monuments or the taste of local cuisine. The host can plan the time in the most creative way by:

  • Directional map (saving the time)
  • Apartment specified instruction (detailed functions of apartment’s equipment)
  • Suggested trip plan including important places
  • Time of key delivering decreased

Key delivering according to Airbnb users


According to the survey carried across the group of 100 Airbnb users, 64 of them have mentioned the situation in which they waited for the key delivery more than an hour.  Moreover, 2 of them resigned from the flat and were forced to find another one (the host could not reach the place because of random situation). Taking everything into consideration, over 66% of AirBnb users, at least once, were not satisfied because of the key delivery.

Key delivery according to AirBnb hosts


As a company, RentingLock once in a quarter review the research and polling connected with Airbnb users. 95% of hosts have observed the increase of positive ratings on the booking portal because of the usage of our lock system. Moreover, hosts also save the time by delivering key code via SMS or an e-mail. Going further, a customer getting key code for the rent duration has a certainty and confirmation of a roof over his head.

Provide your guests with the most valuable factor – the time.

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