1. Who is RentingLock for?

RentingLock is dedicated to property owners and companies involved in short-term lease, who don’t want to waste their time doing key hand-overs. In addition they can feel safe because RentingLock resolves the risk of key cutting by unauthorised persons and eliminates the need to replace door locks on a regular basis.

2. How does it work?

Rentinglock uses a technology which doesn’t require any external connection like bluetooth or Wifi. The code doesn’t have to go through any serwer. Each lock has a unique number. Once you buy the lock you will recieve a code generator from us in the form of an online control panel on our website. There you can register your unique lock number and from all the codes generated will be dedicated to this specific lock. The code our system will generate for you on your request will have all the information including arrival and departure date encrypted with accuracy up to one hour. The electronic module inside of the lock decrypts the code and grants access. It works fully offline.

3. How I can generate code?

After purchasing a lock it’s unique number is added to your account with a code generator on our site. Just sign in and select the period for which the code is to be valid.

4. What is the code validity limit?

You can generate a code that will be valid from 1 hour to 40 days with accuracy up to one hour. Codes later lose validity, so you do not have to manually erase them from the lock.

5. Can I generate code for a longer period of time?

Codes over 40 days change into daily codes, which are valid from midnight to midnight. With a daily code you can grant access to your apartment for up to 1000 days.

6. Can the codes overlap?


An example of an apartment: Guest will come to you for 5 days and order an extra cleaning service during their stay. One code you send to the visitors will grant access for 5 days, and a different code will grant access to the cleaning personnel with validity for eg 3 hours. Codes will vary.

An example of a hostel: Six unfamiliar people have access to a 6-person room and the dates of their stay are  overlapping. You do not have to give them the same 6 keys. Thanks to RentingLock, these individuals will receive individual codes that will give them access to the same room in overlapping terms (each code will be different and will lose its validity by itself).

7. How to install RentingLock?

RentingLock is a handle with a numeric keypad that can be installed on an existing door with an existing mortise lock. You can always buy a mortise lock available on your market and RentingLock will fit into the mounting holes (see assembly instructions).

8. How the RentingLock is powered?

RentingLock is powered by 4AA batteries – you do not need internet access or additional wiring that goes out of the door.

9. How long does RentingLock work on batteries?

RentingLock works on 4 AA batteries up to 2 years. Remember, however, that it depends on the quality of the batteries you use.

10. How do I send the code to the guests?

You can do it in several ways. Once you have chosen the period for which you would like to grant access for and generate the code it will be visible in your control panel on our website. Then you can send it by text, by email or orally through the phone.

11. Is there a fixed access code?

You can manually set a 6-digit code that will grant access all the time. With this one code you can open all of your apartments.

12. Are there any additional fees?

When you buy a lock, you get free access to an online account on our website where you can generate codes for free.

13. Does the lock work outside?

RentingLock is designed to work inside your building. As the batteries are temperature-sensitive we do not recommend using it on a front door. However, there are some customers who use it this way, but in the case of damage, the guarantee doesn’t cover that.


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